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Text pulled from John Dunlap’s broadside of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, and Benjamin Towne’s Pennsylvania Evening Post, July 6, 1776. (Wikimedia Commons)

Most Americans can quote the beginning of the Declaration of Independence—“When in the course of human events…” But not everyone who was notified of the Declaration soon after its adoption on July 4,1776got exactly the same version. Essential Top sarabande by VIDA VIDA Shop For Cheap Price Cheap Sale Latest Big Sale Cheap Online Outlet 100% Original Fake K1ZJHP7
of the Declaration Resources Project at Harvard University reported on analyses of the known broadside editions and newspaper reports of the Declaration published in July and August 1776.

The variations could be in spelling and even word choice, but more frequently in capitalization and punctuation. They started with the first word and continued throughout the various versions. The first word appeared in the first broadside printed by John Dunlap as [W]HEN with no punctuation, and in the first newspaper edition printed by Benjamin Towne as [W]HEN with a comma following. The bare minimum of capitalization was in the Maryland Gazette : of words such as God, Great Britain, English, Indian, British, etc. for less than 10 words total. By comparison, Dunlap’s Pennsylvania Packet had over 50 capitalized words, and over 300 words were capitalized in Dunlap’s broadside.

The text of the Declaration of Independence spread through the newly United States over the course of a few weeks, with newspaper editions first appearing as follows: in Pennsylvania, July 6; Maryland, July 9; New York, July 10; Connecticut, July 12; Rhode Island, July 13; Massachusetts, July 16; Virginia, July 20; and South Carolina, August 2 (there are no known newspaper editions from New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, or Georgia). The Declaration was first published in non-English form in the Pennsylvanischer Staatbote in Philadelphia on July 9, and in book form by Robert Bell in Philadelphia on July 8.

These variations among these early editions of the Declaration of Independence are significant because of the sheer number of 1776 printings; of all the known broadside, newspaper, and book editions of the Declaration produced from 1776-1800, nearly half were produced in July and August 1776.

Some of the early broadside printings of the Declaration included state resolutions about the approbation, distribution, and public reading of the Declaration. In Massachusetts, for example, The Council adopted the following on July 17, 1776: “ORDERED, that the Declaration of Independence be printed ; and a Copy sent to the ministers of each parish, of every Denomination, within this STATE ; and they severally be required to read the same to their respective Congregations, as soon as divine Service is ended, in the Afternoon, on the first Lord’s-Day after they shall have received it : –And after such publication thereof, to deliver the said declaration to the Clerks of their several Towns or Districts ; who are hereby required to record the same in their respective Town, or District Books, there to remain as a perpetual MEMORIAL thereof.”

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Shanna Lynn Powers

Rangely, Colorado | 59 years old

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Shana E Carroll

Newark, Delaware | 29 years old

It appears a report on this Shana is 29 and has lived in Delaware and New Jersey.

Location History

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, and Deborah Ann Carroll

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